Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving all. Well, for the next five minutes or so anyhow. 'Twas a good one this year, although I didn't travel back home. The family (mom, dad, sis & her b/f) came here for dinner with me and the roomie (who hasn't gone home for T-giving in years apparently due to distance). Got some more furniture moved into the apartment, and the food was great. Feel kind of mopy (sp?) now that everyone has left however. I think what I missed most this year was going out with everyone I would have seen back home. Oh annual holiday random bar meetings!

In other news, I am seriously considering OCS now. It might mean a few more years in, but it would be a great career move, and many people have encouraged me over the year to commission. I have a few months to think about it, and I am thinking of staying artillery, or doing MI. Interestingly enough, artillery (which has one of the lowest ASVAB entry requirements in the military for enlisted) has one of the highest "wash-out," i.e. failure, rates of the Officer Basic Courses due to all the math, etc. Speaking of military, my cousin graduates from basic next weekend. Should be going to the ceremony, which will be cool, and also a chance to get a new ID and some new Class A shoes.

In entertaining news, Marvel Comics is putting all (yes, ALL, or at least that is the plan) its back issues online in digital format, which means I can now read fake comics by my fake fireplace. Digital irony aside, this is a great opportunity for me to read all those old story lines, mini-series, spin-offs, etc. that I couldn't really afford. There is a monthly membership cost, but also a discount if you pay for a whole year at once. A pretty hefty discount I might add, much like the one for X-box live. It's really not quite as satisfying as turning the real pages and owning the comic, there remain a few bugs to work out and numerous issues that they still need to be digitized, but overall a fantastic idea.

Guess that's it for now. Rock on!