Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sweet cuppin' update!

Soooo, I'm a terrible person for not updating this more considering all the crazy shenanigans I have been up to.

First off, I spent part of spring break in sunny Philadelphia (it wasn't really that sunny) as opposed to say, Cancun or somewhere, but it was totally worth it. Got to see some historical stuff, but more importantly Margaret and a few other folks from undergrad.

I finished up the spring semester without too much ado and then found myself in the limbo of what to do next. Conveniently guard took care of that for about 2 weeks as I got to go to England for annual training. It was amazing and I have pics somewhere, but I think not on this computer. Lots of the other guys took pics as well so maybe I'll have time next drill to get copies if people bring their laptops. Anyhow, highlights of the trip included re-enlisting at Stonehenge, seeing the Royal Horse Artillery do pass & review for the Queen, firing the British howitzers, and a sweet urban training exercise in Wales.

So, after that I came back and continued the wonderful quest to get a job via online applications (the only thing anyone takes any more it seems) while still considering schools. The situation indicated perhaps working for a while before returning to school was the solution. However, as fate would have it while in Saint Louis for a job fair in July, I also went over to talk to the head of admissions for Saint Louis University's School of Public Health. Between the recommendation of my friend (and now roomie) in their Ph.D. program and my scores, etc. I was basically admitted on the spot. Commence moving to Saint Louis in time for summer school. I began with attending two summer courses while living on a floor, where I continued to live until oh, about five days ago. Point being, I am now in a Master's of Public Health Program with a concentration in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness; think preparing for a job in say, FEMA. No job/assistanceship at this point partially due to getting in so late, however I am working on remedying that situation.

My new apartment is really sweet; it's a loft style apartment built in a former baby-carriage factory. Lots of space, right next to a farmer's market, located in the old French part of town (ergo, big Mardi Gras party to come), and only six blocks south of Busch Stadium where I did attend a Cubs/Cards game on Saturday.

There is certainly more that I'm forgetting, but this shall have to suffice for now. Soon to come: Mike's wedding!