Monday, January 07, 2008

The Rest of the Holiday Season

Well, well, it's been too long yet again! I apologize; I've been busy having tons of fun!

Christmas was good this year; pretty standard, but a little more relaxing than usual for some reason. Got a few books/movies that I wanted, and a few small surprises like the soundtrack to the original Transformers movie! Was great to see family, including my cousin who was home on leave from AIT.

Once again, the really exciting event of the season was the Rogue Formal (sometimes known just as "Winter Formal"). The decorations this year surpassed all previous years using an updated/repaired inflata-dome, or whatever it's called, and even a chandelier of sorts using PVC pipe painted black with Christmas lights strung up on it. Attendance this year was phenomenal with a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones, and more people stayed for a long period this year. Dinner at Candlelight beforehand with about 18 people, and it was great to be able to take my wonderful, beautiful date Mary out as I hadn't seen her in forever. I drank a fair bit this year, but didn't get belligerent, so that's a huge plus.

New Years was in the QC again with another good turnout. The weather I think kept a lot of other revelers in, so the crowd was not too abysmal either. Frankly, I don't remember too much of the night, but I apparently behaved myself (mostly). High points included dinner at Bennigan's (mmmm, Monte Cristo), getting a sweet free hat from Blue Cat, and getting a phone message from Sarah. The only thing that would have made it better is if I hadn't missed her call.. or if she'd been there maybe.. =) Anyhow, Happy New Year to all!


Blogger Sarah said...

:-D happy new year!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Clare said...

I miss the QC.



8:58 AM  

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