Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wedding, etc.

So, Mike and Megan's wedding totally rocked my face off. The van ride out was fun with the family and a few friends, except for the part where I was driving in Ohio in road construction with the beastly 12-passenger vehicle and then ran into fog to boot. The sheer number of semis on the main east-west cargo route wasn't helping any either. Made it to Delaware in time for dinner, although I had missed the rehearsal. I wasn't the only groomsman to miss the rehearsal though, so the next day at lunch Mike instructed us with an impromptu sand table made with table items while we ate lunch. Knives served as pews, hot pepper & oregano for the bride and groom, and salt & pepper shakers for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Wedding party gifts for the guys were well thought out t-shirts, each with a super-hero reflecting some aspect of our individual personalities. The wedding itself was in a nice little eastern sea-town church, and wedding photos were taken on the beach. Fantastic. Except for the random guy who came up and snagged a pic and claimed to be a wedding photographer himself. Creepy much? And does that constitute intellectual theft? IDK. The best part of of the photos of course was the human pyramid of groomsmen. Classic. The reception had great food and free rock candy, and the bride's friends seem to mesh fairly well with the grooms friends. For me overall, the best part (other than of course seeing Mike & Megan so happy) was that Margaret was able to come as my date. That whole living in Phillie thing means I don't get to see her near enough.

Really besides that not too much exciting has been going on. Jon and I did go to IL to play trivia for charity Saturday night with Mu and some of his college buds from the area. We tied for fourth out of nine teams; many of the questions pre-dated the knowledge of our young team. It was fun though, and we won a few door prizes. Sadly Mu broke the snow-globe he won, which resulted in a collective "awwwwww" from the room.

Guard this weekend, and then hopefully get the rest of my furniture etc. next weekend. Will be missing homecoming, but that's okay as I don't believe too many of my compatriots will e there anyhow.

Oh! SLU's School of Public Health may get bought out by WashU. What this portends remains to be seen, but the motivation appears to be to move up in the rankings for each of the schools involved. Hokay, back to homework. Just cause the school might get bought doesn't mean it's stopping operations!


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