Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blowage, snowage, and pwnage

Well, it was/ridiculously windy today. Thought I might get blown off of the road. Anyhow, took the GRE. I did pretty well,. 700 verbal, 730 quantitative. I got thrown a whole slew of words on the verbal that just punked me. Probably won't have to take it again if I do well on writing, as I believe 1430 composite is a pretty good score. I'd call it pwnage anyhow. As far as snowage, I'll be headed to snowy Colorado tomorrow to see some people and hopefully do some snowboarding. If luck is with me, I won't get stuck out there in yet another blizzard.


Blogger Chad said...

Deerage............Yes it was blowing like crazy go nuts yesterday, however my main menace was deer. I creamed one yesterday and did $4,000+ damage to my trailblazer. It goes to the frame shop today. Hopefully will get it back by the end of the week. Have fun in colorado.

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