Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Was amazing. I took one day of snowboarding lessons, and I loved it. Spent one more day boarding, and even went down the entire mountain. On easy slopes of course. I still fell down a lot, but I have learned to turn, and I'd really like to get my own snowboard and go up to Alpine or Chestnut some time. I also got a sweet skiing jacket with digital camo on it! Only downfall was that I forgot to take a camera along; hopefully I can get some copies of pics from someone. The resort was REALLY expensive, thank goodness for discounts through friend. Apparently, the average amount a family of 4 spends actually staying there (paying for room, food, lift tickets, etc) is approx. $25k. At $87 apiece/day, the lift tickets there are supposedly the most expensive in the country, and homes out there go for $22.5 MILLION. Interestingly enough, everyone there was really nice, and a lot of the employees are from South America, Australia, and South Africa, so it was very interesting getting to talk to some of them. Also very hard not to pick up the accents since I have a tendency to do that.

In other news, having trouble registering for classes, and now that all the other students are back in town, 'net is slow. Boo.


Blogger Sarah said...

hey, what´s going on in your life? i´d really like to hear about st. louis!

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