Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Was amazing. I took one day of snowboarding lessons, and I loved it. Spent one more day boarding, and even went down the entire mountain. On easy slopes of course. I still fell down a lot, but I have learned to turn, and I'd really like to get my own snowboard and go up to Alpine or Chestnut some time. I also got a sweet skiing jacket with digital camo on it! Only downfall was that I forgot to take a camera along; hopefully I can get some copies of pics from someone. The resort was REALLY expensive, thank goodness for discounts through friend. Apparently, the average amount a family of 4 spends actually staying there (paying for room, food, lift tickets, etc) is approx. $25k. At $87 apiece/day, the lift tickets there are supposedly the most expensive in the country, and homes out there go for $22.5 MILLION. Interestingly enough, everyone there was really nice, and a lot of the employees are from South America, Australia, and South Africa, so it was very interesting getting to talk to some of them. Also very hard not to pick up the accents since I have a tendency to do that.

In other news, having trouble registering for classes, and now that all the other students are back in town, 'net is slow. Boo.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blowage, snowage, and pwnage

Well, it was/ridiculously windy today. Thought I might get blown off of the road. Anyhow, took the GRE. I did pretty well,. 700 verbal, 730 quantitative. I got thrown a whole slew of words on the verbal that just punked me. Probably won't have to take it again if I do well on writing, as I believe 1430 composite is a pretty good score. I'd call it pwnage anyhow. As far as snowage, I'll be headed to snowy Colorado tomorrow to see some people and hopefully do some snowboarding. If luck is with me, I won't get stuck out there in yet another blizzard.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Drill this Weekend

Was pretty sweet; Civil Disturbance Training. Got to see some drug/attack dogs in action. The best part was the First Sergeant in the big puffy attack suit trying to run. The dogs were truly awesome. Did some "Stomp & Drag," i.e. riot control practice, as well... always fun. Low point was the fact that I had a terriffic headache today after only having 6 beers total last night. Must've just been tired, dehydrated, and perhaps low on caffiene. 3 ibuprofen and 2 hours later I felt like a million bucks. Did DDR for an hour tonight with the roomie; felt great. Can't wait to hit the weights (he he he) when I get back for class. Spending 4 days in Colorado later this week to finish up break. Hopefully do some snowboarding, and see a few HS friends who will also be out there.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Return of the Ted

Well, here we are again. A new year, a new blog, and a somewhat changed Teddy. The last year has been really eventful politically, and for me socially and somewhat academically. I'd go into details, but I'd be here all day. So, that aside, on to what I need to talk about.

Let's just go with New Years. I didn't make any resolutions per se, but I have made several decisions. The first of course is cliched, i.e. getting back in shape. However, I would like to emphasize the BACK portion of that statement. I have to remember that this is not some unobtainable goal, but something I had once, that I can get back, that can be replaced. Hopefully my new room-mate will be helpful in this endeavor. I must admit one struggle in my life is self-motivation. I think I need outside influence and judgment.

Anyhow, the other decision is to stop being such a tool at times. While being lazy can make you get out of shape, you can get that back. Being a tool makes it nigh on impossible to maintain, or even worse, have to REGAIN a friendship. That being said, I had a wonderful New Years, except for a few minor parts which are, undoubtedly, entirely my own fault. Things don't always work out the way I (or anyon) want them to, and instead of being bitter, or resentful (frequently my basic fall-back emotions), I need to appreciate what was good, and what still is good. A close friend of mine recently made what I believe to be an astute observation part of what makes me the way I am. I am a series of contradictions, one of which as many people know is an opposition to marriage (somewhat in general, but more specifically as it relates to myself), and a willingness to be in undefined or sometimes "open" relationships. However, things tend to contradict and self-destruct due to the fact that when I become attached to someone, it's very intense and powerful which ineherently conflicts with how I WANT to conduct myself. Anyhow, that's enough for today. I have moving to finish up. Until next time: Don't be a tool.